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自从李维榕老师请她的老师Minuchin 一起来北京讲学,一晃就是二十年。当年参与学习的很多同学,现在都成为国内家庭治疗领域的重要人物。









In Search of Diversified Families: The Development, Ecology, and Future of Family Therapy in Asia




Professional Training of Children Assessment​


At Aitia Family Institute we provide continual professional education for therapists. On the 10th and 11th of June 2015, the institute’s Clinical Director Dr Lee Wai-Yung, held a two full-day supervised training on an aspect of family assessment. At the training, therapists engaged in discussion and observed through a one-way mirror (with consent from the client), the circumstances surrounding the child’s emotional arousal when parents communicated openly about their presenting issues. A child's emotional and behavioral problems (including a variety of physical, emotional and psychological dysfunctions), are often associated with the issues presented within the family. By measuring the child's physiological responses such as, skin conductance, body temperature and heart rate, the child's emotional state as a result of his or her relationship with parents does become more apparent. This mode of assessment does offer parents new insights into the physical, emotional and psychological health of their child.

Aitia Family Institutecontinues to provide supervised training on this aspect of family assessment, creating a platform for improving familyrelationships within therapeutic settings.
Shown below are the pictures taken at the training.





At Aitia we recognize that continual professional education and clinical supervision is essential for the professional
development of family therapists in working with diverse family systems. 
Dr Wai-Yung Lee, Clinical Director of Aitia Family Institute,  (recipient of the prestigious 2014 American Family
Therapy Academy’s award for distinguished contribution to family therapy theory and practice), conducted Aitia
supervision workshops for senior therapists, clinicians, practicing counsellors, educators and trainers at the Octave
Living Room in Shanghai on the 3rd and 4th of April, 2015.

A good number of practitioners from different provinces of China, came together to receive supervision and
guidance on the fundamentals of family therapeutic casework management and intervention. Participants received
fresh perspectives on the essential dynamics for working with couple and family relationships. They gave a resounding
positive feedback on the insights gained and the impact that the supervision would have on their overall casework

This year long intensive supervision group for practitioners supervised by Dr Lee Wai-Yung, Dr Chen Xiangyi,
Assistant Clinical Director of Aitia Family Institute (and a Professor of Psychiatry) and visiting associate faculty
member, Meng Fu, will count towards clinical membership of the American Association of Marital and Family Therapy



[Top and bottom left pictures: Dr Lee Wai-Yung supervising the group; Bottom right picture: Front: Dr Lee Wai-Yung, Dr Chen Xiangyi; Back: Dr Leon Liu , Rosseana Wong, Dr Ma Xiquan.]



Aitia Family Institute (AFI) officially opened Friday, September 26, 2014 in Octave Living Room in Shanghai
with a warm welcome from Chairman Frederick Chavalit Tsao to over 90 distinguished guests and friends. AFI, one
of the most comprehensive family organizations in Shanghai dedicated to the enhancement of human relationships, 
featured three seminars throughout the day: ‘Working with Asian Chinese Families’ led by Dr. Wai Yung Lee, the
Clinical Director of the Aitia Family Institute; Dr. Jay Lebow, the Editor in Chief of  Family Process spoke on ‘Publication about Family Therapy and Family Science: An International Perspective”; and 'The Healing of a Couple 
in Distress' presented by Dr. Evan Imber-Black, Professor and Program Director of the Marriage and Family 
Therapy Master's Program at Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry, New York. 



[The Aitia Family Institute Opening Ceremony and Inauguration Seminar]


Aitia Family Institute is the brainchild of the founder Chairman Frederick Chavalit Tsao. His vision is to 
establish a center of excellence through its leadership in practice, research and training on family dynamics and 
human relationships. Based on the need in the region, AFI will implement specialized projects to fill the gaps in 
the existing service provisions and promote new knowledge in selected areas for research. Through the integration 
of practice, research and training AFI is committed to developing more cross-regional, cross-disciplinary 
collaborations to benefit individuals and families in China and beyond.

Under the stewardship of acclaimed Clinical Director Wai Yung Lee, Ph.D. from Hong Kong, AFI offers a wide 
range of family enhancement programs to the general public including individual, family, and group counseling. 
These include Family and Marriage Therapy, Children Assessment Services and Educational Services.

AFI also offers a broad range of educational and training programs for clinicians and the public audience, 
both on short- and long-term basis, as well as tailor-made in-service training packages for local agencies and 
academic facilities. These include: Certificate Courses inFamily Therapy, One Year Advanced Certificate Course in 
Family Therapy, Clinical Supervision in Family Therapy, Live Case Demonstration, Professional & Public Workshops 
and Specialized Projects.

The team at AFI brings with it a wealth of experience and acclaim in Asia and globally. Dr Wai-Yung Lee is 
herself the recipient of the 2014 American Family Therapy Academy’s Distinguished Contribution to Family 
Therapy Theory and Practice Award for distinguished contribution to family therapy theory and practice, “We 
want AFI to become a center of excellence through its leadership in practice, research and training on family 
dynamics and human relationships." says Dr Wai-Yung Lee.

The clinical team members include the Associate Clinical Director, Chen Xiang Yi, Ph.D., Chief Physician of 
Shenzhen Sixth People's Hospital and a leading figure in the development of family therapy in China. Dr. Liu Liang, a 
specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy from Tongji University in Shanghai and formerly a research fellow in 
The Lab of Adult Development, at Massachusetts Hospital, Harvard Medical School on couple dynamics. Also, Dr. 
Ma Xiquan, who graduated as medical doctor from Tongji University and worked as a psychiatrist in the Clinical 
Mental Health Department of Shanghai Dong Fang Hospital.

[Contributed by: Margie Chiang, Director Public Relations, IMC Octave Shanghai]